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        Delivering digital privacy. Today. Tomorrow. And beyond


        Securing the w?orld’s digital transformation: It’s our mission.?


        No one needs to tell you how quickly digital technologies are evolving. Or that data privacy has become a major challenge for businesses, governments and individuals alike.

        Each time we use digital services, we create and exchange billions of pieces of data. It’s not just the volume of data that is set to grow. People’s digital interactions will have multiplied by a factor of 50 from 2010 to 2025.

        Data is also becoming more personal, forming our online lives. By linking it to our digital identity, we can prove that it’s ours. We can access it whenever we choose. And we can decide to share it or keep it private. This creates a world of opportunities for new services that benefit consumers and organizations alike.

        Yet identity theft and data breaches are both growing in frequency and sophistication. As our lives become more digitally connected, these two issues could threaten everything – from our financial transactions and medical records to how we cross borders.

        Organizations, governments and individuals must be able to trust their digital interactions.
        Enabling this is our mission.


        Gemalto is now part of the Thales Group. We’re excited about this new chapter for our organization and feel it will help accelerate our vision for next generation digital security. Together, we will be able to answer the needs of any business and government looking to bring trust to their digital transformation, with a unique portfolio of technologies in IoT, cybersecurity, big data analytics, the cloud and much more.

        Read more about the acquisition

        Expectations are rising


        Sharing? Yes, but not everything.

        Personal and corporate data should be kept private and only shared under clear rules.

        Respect for privacy is valued…

        Privacy and the right to be forgotten will be top of mind for consumers when selecting a merchant or service provider.

        ...and enforced.

        Policymakers and regulators are more and more vigilant about private data management.

        Data breaches are growing

        Data records lost or stolen since 2013:


        Impacting all Organizations

        • Technology 41%
        • Government 13%
        • Retail 9%
        • Financial 5%
        • Entertainment 5%
        • Healthcare 3%
        • Education 1%
        • Other 23%

        Traditional security solutions have their limits. As a result, data security breaches are growing year-on-year across all sectors.

        People and organizations need to feel confident about using digital services. They want peace of mind that their personal data and intellectual property will not be lost or stolen.

        To do this, we must tackle the two main causes of data security breaches:

        Causes of attacks


        69% of breach incidents came from identity theft in 2012


        95% of breaches involved unencrypted data

        *2017 Breach Level Index Report

        Linking digital identities and data protection

        Everything we do is focused on authentication and protection. And as data management and data privacy issues continue to evolve, we continue to evolve Digital Identity and Data Protection.


        Digital Identity

        Identity Theft

        Data Protection

        Unencrypted Data


        Next Generation Digital Security

        Over the last decade we have built a unique portfolio of technology and expertise in the industry. This includes physical and digital identity credentials, multiple methods of authentication – including biometrics – and IoT endpoint security as well as data and cloud service protection.

        Only Gemalto can offer this level of next generation digital security – from the day someone signs up for a service to the time after they leave to fight the two main causes of cyberattacks.?

        We protect the entire digital lifecycle

        Organizations need to verify people’s identities so they can use a digital service. People want the convenience of not having to remember hundreds of passwords. An IoT device such as a gas meter or connected car must verify itself to exchange data with other devices, people and networks, such as smart city infrastructure.

        All these connections and the growing amount of data moving between them need to be protected. Not just at sign-up but also during use and even after leaving the service so that people can benefit from the right to be forgotten.

        This is where Gemalto works differently to other security companies. We give data owners more control by combining Digital Identity and Data Protection across the entire digital service lifecycle.


        1. Sign up

        Identity Verification


        Digital IDs:

        • Personalized smartcards
        • Token issuance
        • Biometric registries

        2. Log In


        • Multimodal authentication
          (risk, token, biometric)
        • Live facial recognition
        • Active protection

        3. Use

        Data encryption

        • Key management
        • Data protection on demand
        • HSM, HSE
        • Software monetization

        4. Leave

        Cryptographic account deletion


        The Gemalto approach to digital security

        Over the past decade, we have invested billions in building our next generation digital security portfolio.

        As dedicated security experts, we guarantee digital privacy and compliance across platforms and local data protection regulations.

        Our reputation depends on how well your data privacy is enforced. So we provide you with the right security tools. We put you back in control of your information. And we promise never to make any money from your data.

        No one else does this.

        Our next generation digital security is:


        Unlike traditional perimeter security vendors, we believe that security is not about “building walls” around digital assets. People and data must be able to flow in and out to add value.


        In a world of public, private and on-premise IT environments, data security must be more flexible. Our tools meet the needs of mixed IT environments and industrial equipment.


        Security should not stop people doing what they need to do. Since user experiences must be intuitive, we make it more convenient to include security protocol in digital services.


        For better liability management, we offer organizations the confidence they are reducing the threat and the proof they need to insure their enterprise against the impact of data breaches.


        Next-gen security in action

        For people, businesses and governments around the world we already protect trillions of data exchanges through seamless, effective Digital Identity and Data Protection.

        For those looking to embrace secure digital transformation, here are just some of the services that will become commonplace in the next few years thanks to Gemalto Next Generation Digital Security.


        Easier, more efficient airport experiences

        Follow how Gemalto is transforming airport security checks and the positive impact on travelers.


        Online customer enrollment and KYC

        Gemalto ID Verification offers a simple way to perform and ID check for a new service – from online loans to in-store sign-ups.?


        Encrypting data on demand

        Our SafeNet Data Protection On Demand offers an easier way to combat cyberattacks - data encryption and key management as a service.