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        As the world becomes more connected, we make it more secure.

        Digital Security

        For those shaping the digital interactions of tomorrow, we provide the digital security that enables the trusted connections of today.

        You will find our digital identity and data protection technologies at the heart of modern life. We are there when banks exchange funds, people cross borders or drivers step into connected cars.

        Across time zones and continents, we protect businesses, governments and individuals from data breaches and identity theft. By relying on us, our clients in 180 countries can offer trusted and secure digital services so that their customers and citizens can enjoy their digital lifestyles.

        Put simply, we’re there to bring trust to the world’s digital transformation.

        Gemalto is now part of the Thales Group. We’re excited about this new chapter for our organization and feel it will help accelerate our vision for next generation digital security.

        Gemalto will continue to trade as a separate organization for a (yet to be determined) period of time. As a new journey starts for us, rest assured that we are wholly focused on ensuring the same high levels of service for our customers.

        Read more about the acquisition


        Key figures


        €3bn2018 Revenue


        3,000+R&D Engineers

        The next generation of digital security

        As people’s daily lifestyles become more digital they’re interacting more frequently with online services and generating increasing amounts of personal data. While this creates countless opportunities for service providers, it could be threatened by the growing number of data breaches. Gemalto focuses on two core technologies – Digital Identification and Data Protection - that counter the two root causes of cyberattacks, identity theft and unencrypted data.


        Digital Identity

        Identity Theft

        Data Protection

        Unencrypted Data

        Gemalto works differently to other security companies. We give data owners more control by combining Digital Identity and Data Protection across the entire digital service lifecycle. Our solutions are used by over 30,000 organizations to verify the identities of people and things, to allow access to services and to protect the growing amount of data these services generate.

        Protecting the complete digital service lifecycle


        Worldwide digital security expertise

        Our 35 research and software development centers design and deliver physical and digital identity credentials, multiple authentication schemes, including biometrics, and IoT connectivity, device security as well as data encryption and cloud service protection. These technologies are enabling digital payment, border control, cloud security, smart healthcare and much more.

        To find out how we can support your digital security requirements, take a closer look at what we do for the different markets below.


        Philippe ValléeChief Executive Officer

        People and organizations need to feel confident about using digital services

        We do things differently

        We are a forward-thinking company with a positive view of digital security. As a result, we have quickly grown to become a global leader in our field. With 15,000 employees and 2018 revenues of €3 billion, we now serve some of the largest organizations in nearly every country worldwide. Yet we will always remain true to our three founding values:



          We put customer needs first.



          We value people for their diversity and integrity.



          We always focus on innovation.

        We work the way you work

        As a world leader in digital security, our clients trust us with their business. They are companies such as Banco Santander, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, and Peugeot-Citro?n as well as governments like the UK, Colombia and South Africa. They come to us because they are looking for gains in efficiency, security and simplicity.


        Enabling mobile identity in Belgium

        Learn how Belgium’s pioneering itsme? app is simplifying identity management for financial services.


        Combatting fraud at Telefónica Deutschland

        See how our ID verification service speeds ID checks for prepaid customers.


        Delivering the next UK ePassport

        Discover the latest country to adopt our secure ePassports.

        Start with trust and grow from there

        Gemalto has led the market for trusted digital interactions since 2006. Today, our pioneering technologies touch the lives of billions of people. It’s all thanks to our rich heritage, legacy of innovation and focus on continued growth.

        • 2006 - New company, new mission

        • 2007 - Securing online banking

          Gemalto becomes the first company to receive Visa and Mastercard certification for its secure online banking two-factor authentication device.

          A card reader with the logo of Gemalto.
        • 2009 - A boost for child protection

          Gemalto technology is at the heart of Belgium’s new eID card for children under 12, with special features for improving security online and in emergencies.

          Two children holding up ID cards.
        • 2010 - Innovation from 4G to IoT

          Gemalto is a key player in launching the first LTE/4G network in the U.S., with the company’s R&D supporting a smooth transition for operators.

          Timelapse nightime photo of a cityscape, with the text 4G glowing above.

          Gemalto acquires Cinterion – the leading provider of machine-to-machine connections – accelerating the company’s influence in IoT.

          A Cinterion chip.
        • 2012 - Reaching a major milestone in India

          Gemalto delivers the 25 millionth e-Driver's License in India since leading the rollout of these secure e-documents in 2003.

          A very busy road in India.
        • 2013 - Traded on twin markets

          Gemalto successfully applies for dual listing on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam alongside the existing listing on NYSE Euronext Paris and enters the AEX index of the 25 most traded Dutch securities.

          Front view of the entrance of an important looking building.
        • 2015 - Complete data and software protection

          Gemalto acquires SafeNet – world leader in identity and data protection and software monetization – marking the company as the reference for cloud data, software, and transaction security.

          SafeNet logo.
        • 2016 - 10 years at the top

          Gemalto celebrates a decade of success in digital security and diversification into new markets – having grown from a company of 10,000 people in 2006 to 15,000 today, generating revenues of €3.1 billion.

          10 years  
        • 2017 - Integrating biometrics expertise

          Gemalto acquires 3M’s Identity Management Business to continue expansion into the promising commercial biometric authentication market, in particular with its advanced face recognition technology.

          Digitalised hand and fingerprints - with the text 'Personal Data' to the side. ????
        • 2019 - Gemalto joins the Thales Group

          On 2nd of April 2019, Gemalto was acquired by Thales with the ambition to create a new global leader in the fast growing digital security market.

          Thales logo ????

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